Marsha Means, M.A. 

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Marsha Means, M.A. 
Ministries & Books

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If you would like to speak with Marsha or one of her coaches, you are invited to take advantage of a one-time, FREE, one-on-one, 60 minute phone call by filling out this brief Online Assessment.
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Marsha Means, M.A., founder and director of A Circle Of Joy Ministries, is trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and is an accomplished author, speaker, and coach. She writes and speaks on the topic of pornography and sex addiction, and betrayal trauma. Marsha was at the forefront of a movement within the therapeutic community to understand sex addition—infidelity, pornography, and other forms of sexually acting out—as causing a particular type of betrayal that traumatizes the addict’s partner. Her work is based on both her personal and professional experience.
In 2003, Marsha launched A Circle Of Joy Ministries to minister to women impacted by sex addiction and to address needs created by this growing problem. Her life’s passion is to empower and equip churches and individuals around the world for sharing help, hope, and healing with people wounded by this addiction. From her Journey to Healing and Joy website for women, Marsha and her team of coaches offer telephone based support groups and individual coaching to assist those who cannot find local resources for surviving the trauma induced by sex addition. View her Vimeo video about her ministry at by clicking here.
Marsha’s book, Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope & Heal, co-authored with Dr. Barb Steffens, is currently in its fifth printing. Her Journey to Healing & Joy Workbook, first published in 2001, continues to help partners of sex addicts find healing. She previously authored Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars. And her most recent book, Real Hope True Freedom: Understanding and Coping with Sex Addiction, was co-authored with Dr. Milton Magness.
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Marsha Mean's most recent book, Real Hope, True Freedom, co-authored with Milton Magness:

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